Sales Manager (Position Filled)

We are looking for an amazing customer service enthusiast to join our team in Bali as Sales Manager / Bookings for Bliss International and Bliss Sanctuary For Women.

If you love building relationships over email, have great attention to detail and have a passion for making things as easy as possible for others then this could be the right opportunity for you.

This role is 6 days a week with a lot of responsibility and further growth opportunities with scope to move up quickly if you are meeting KPI’s and budgets to help grow the business.

No previous bookings experience required, but you will need some kind of account management experience preferably in media sales or other sales roles requiring total solution responses. We do not use online booking services as our emphasis is on customer service and tailoring all of our packages and responses. We will also look at applicants from roles with great attention to detail such as PA and EA’s.

Next Steps

Application Process

So with everything you have read and will read about the role and Bliss Sanctuary For Women we have tried to be as transparent and honest as possible. Each person will interpret every word according to their own experience and outlook on life at this time so please only contact us if you are in a positive place in your life with a willingness to see the good in everything, an availability to move to another country on a contract basis and with solid finances behind you as this role is only designed to pay your bills in one country.

The remuneration package is not going to make you rich but it will make you rich in experience and is designed to facilitate your own experience in coming to work for us minus the normal relocation stresses with everything organised and paid for once you are here. We take out any of the normal expat expenses and worries, offer you an amazing environment to live in and give you  support to help you succeed both personally and professionally in this role as the two cannot be separate.

  • Where you are successful you will receive a reply email with the updated job description.
  • The 3rd step is a Skype Interview to further delve into questions and answers of a personal nature.
  • A 2nd Skype interview may be required for any further questions.
  • You may be asked to interview face to face or via Skype with a 3rd party and associate of Bliss Sanctuary For Women.
  • Prior to being offered the job you will be asked to supply 3 references: Professional, Personal and Family Member.

If you feel unsure about the personal nature of the role or how it might affect your life currently please do not apply. We are looking for open, honest, happy, joyful, empathetic, humble, wise women who are willing to bare their soul and see the good in people. You need to want to connect with all sorts of women whether you relate to their lifestyle or not and make no judgements. And most importantly you need to want and be able to listen and find something you love about each individual, which can only come about through a deep love for yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Bliss Wishes, Zoë.

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