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We are coming into our 8th year since I founded Bliss Sanctuary For Women in April 2011 and we’re so excited about all the new beginnings in store for us this year.

Our biggest new beginning is the opening of our Ubud Sanctuary in April 2019! We are so excited after finding the most beautiful villa and location to make into a true sanctuary for our guests.

So many people have asked us about our Ubud Sanctuary and so many past guests have already booked in after waiting for quite a few years for us to find just the right spot!

I had initially started work on a different location but about 6 months into redevelopment it just didn’t feel right to me anymore as I was looking at gorgeous Joglo accommodations. I realised with Ubud being in the middle of a rainforest there would be a lot more bugs and rain and a joglo has much thinner walls than a traditional building and I just didn’t think this would be the kind of luxurious experience our guests would be looking for. So we kept looking.

And we were so blessed to find the most amazing beautiful villa built by the most amazing beautiful woman. They were nearing the end of construction and she was so humble and open to a few changes we wanted to make to make this into a true sanctuary and I feel so so blessed. This is a very special place built with heart and on a special piece of land with spiritual springs at the bottom. I truly feel the universe brought us together as if I was building from scratch this is exactly what I would have built.

Here you can see the video giving you a sneak peak…

So opening in Ubud is a huge undertaking and one we are so excited about. We are currently looking for our gorgeous staff (who are the heart and soul of Bliss Sanctuary For Women as you can read in all of our reviews) and the most important asset to our business. For this the amazing Patma has a wonderful ability to attract the most gorgeous, humble, amazing staff and I can’t wait to meet the team we pull together.

More new beginnings coming this year are a few websites for the larger business Bliss International and also my own website (not yet started). This will be a platform for me to write and share on all different subjects and also to share my poetry which I love. The content of this website will be about…

  • Following bliss
  • Wellness
  • My journey with chronic disease (Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue / Chronic IBS / Migraines) sharing the things I’ve learnt and my own experiences as well as remedies and healers etc
  • Foodie – favourite very easy recipes and what I advocate for
  • Spiritual blogs
  • Business blogs
  • Poetry – heartfelt and personal

As well as this I’m writing a book which is very very very personal lol! I’m writing it for me and my own healing and personal journey and I’m not 100% I’ll publish it yet, or that it will be good enough to publish lol. But I’m writing it anyway and we will see!

So what do you think about all these new beginnings and ideas? Are any of your interests covered here? We would love to know and you can contact us at

And what new beginnings do you have going on? We just love how the universe is constantly evolving and so are we! It certainly keeps life interesting.

Bliss Love, Zoe xx

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