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There’s nothing that says the weekend or relaxing holiday vibes like a leisurely and yummy all day breakfast.

That’s why at Bliss you can choose what you want to eat at any time with no restrictions. And why on top of a massive menu of Indonesian Fusion, Vegan, Western Favourites & Wellness choices, we also have an All Day Breakfast Menu that is sooooo yum.

Oh and we also have a gorgeous smoothie menu for those warm Bali days by the pool, reading a book.


You can check out our All Day Breakfast and Smoothie Menu here.

My absolute favourites and top 10 pics in the All Day Breakfast Menu are…

1. Banana Pancakes (of course!)

2. Bliss Chia Pot– chia pudding + thick mango banana avocado whip + mint [VG][V]

3. Bliss Sweet Healthy Rice Bowl – red rice + thick coconut & mango cream + chopped nuts + honey [V]**

4. Bliss Smoothie Bowl - Mango + banana + avocado + spinach / top granola + shredded coconut + coconut cream + honey [V][G]**

5. Smashed peas and mint on corn fritters with a poached egg

6. Smashed mango salsa with poached eggs, bacon, spinach and mushrooms with thick cut sourdough toast

7. Kale breakfast salad - Kale + tomato + avocado + grated carrot + grated beetroot + nuts + olive oil & lime dressing [V]**

8. Big Vegan Breakfast – baked beans + half avocado + Warm tomato salsa + vegan corn fritters + spinach + green beans [VG][V]

9. Bacon Sandwich deluxe - thick sourdough toast + bacon + smashed avocado + fried egg – (For those needing something gloriously naughty).

10. And the Bali favourite Nasi Goreng (try our Bliss Special Nasi goring, its Alit's special recipe)

For those of you who are complete foodies like me, what do you think of my top 10? It’s making me hungry writing this lol.

We have a huge menu so you can choose whatever you like, whenever you like throughout the day. You can eat until your heart's content with a gorgeous Healthy Choices Menu for those who want no guilt. (You’re on holiday! Don’t feel guilty!)

Our gorgeous girls in the kitchen love to make you food to feed your body and soul. It’s all cooked with love and our girls are AMAZING cooks. Warm hearted home cooking at it’s absolute best.

I’ve spent hours in the kitchen with our gorgeous staff tasting their creations and making suggestions to get our recipe’s totally blissified. I chose to do this over getting ‘wellness chefs’ in as I personally absolutely love a more home cooked approach with complete heart.  Thankfully so many of our guests absolutely love it too.

The Indonesian foods are cooked through generations and passed down from mother to daughter and are an amazing way to connect with a new culture. That’s why our All Day Breakfast Menu still contains those Indonesian favourites and even though we have added all the funky café style meals (which are delicious), so many of our guests still choose our Bliss Indonesian Dishes.

Whatever you choose it’s ok with us, we are here to cook for you to your heart's content and we hope you will taste the love and years of learning and perfecting our Blissful Food Creations.

You can email us at any time if you’d like some recipes …

And look out on our Instagram and Facebook.

Here’s some more pics to make you hungry!

Love Zoe x


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