Dates & Rates
Dates & Rates
  • Choose your own dates, ours are not set with specific arrival & departure days.
  • We book you in and out at any time according to your needs.
  • We book in DAYS not nights for many late departure times being the norm in Bali.
  • Packages are for 7 days but we have many guests for longer and can sometimes do shorter stays.
  • We work with you to try to fit you in.
  • Let us know your preferred dates.
  • We will give you all options for prompt decision making.
  • We don’t supply a calendar as we can move things around to create availabilities where possible.
  • We are exclusive allowing only small numbers of guests at any one time and do sell out quicker than most retreats.

To find out available dates simply email

  • All of our Packages Pages have pricing estimates on each page.
  • Our Prices start from 15% off up to full price.
  • We will quote you personally when you email us with your dates.
  • Or we can supply you with cheapest date options if you ask for this.
  • Availability and pricing changes constantly (similar to when booking flights or Hotel Rooms).
  • Once you have been quoted this quote is valid for 7 days subject to availability.
  • Although exclusively small numbers and huge amounts of inclusions, we try to keep our rates affordable.

To receive a quote for specific dates please email

Pricing estimates

Our prices start from 15% OFF and fluctuate from 15% OFF to full price depending on date ranges, availabilities, season and demand.

Due to our exclusivity with small numbers of guests at any one time, we do all our bookings via personalised quotes. This way you have somebody looking after your needs from the start who will take the time to understand what you are looking for. As such you can tailor your packages, extend your stay and have complete visibility and transparency regarding all the benefits, which are more than any other Bali retreat and all with personalised service. We very much hope to help you in your decision making process by helping you receive all of the information and pricing you need.

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