A total wellbeing experience to retreat into...

The immersion of our bodies into the hydrating buoyant feeling of a bath is such a healing experience, that so many of us just don’t create time to do. Being a wellness retreat we have designed some amazing Wellness bath experiences and merged them with the healing essences of Bali and cultural and historical beauty and healing rituals. We bring you delectable choices of Wellness bathing for body mind and soul relaxation and connection. This is a different touch for a Bali Retreat or traditional Health Retreat. It is something unique to us and why all of our sleep sanctuary rooms have ensuites with beautiful deep comfortable baths. Your private relaxation and healing time. Beautiful Bathing Bliss.

Your Wellness Experience at Bliss

In your beautiful stone bath we aim to create a sanctuary oasis of serenity, relaxing that quiet mind, promoting sound sleep, soothing your skin and creating the ultimate relaxation sanctuary. An enlightened feeling of weightlessness waits as you doze to the natural sounds of Bali, all the while experiencing a sensory afterglow and the rejuvenation of mind and body. The perfect way to end your day or create a relaxing, quiet afternoon just for you. Creating a wellness spa within your own blissful tropical bathroom sanctuary with complete peace and privacy is an amazing way to create self love and self care and promote that wellbeing feeling of complete luxury and deep rest.

Wellness Bath Menu

Rose Flower Bath

 A calming sensory delight with a gentle sprinkle of rose petals to promote relaxation with natural bali bath salts. Smells so good and so relaxing.

Bali Flower Bath

A beautiful luxurious cultural experience, a unique Balinese Flower bath to generate positive energy and beauty.

Luxurious Milk Bath

Your skin will be soooo smooth and succulent after one of these where we use a vegan friendly, smooth aromatic white bath powder full of goodies for your skin.

Blissful Sleep Bath

A gorgeous balinese salt & lavender oil bathing mix perfect for deep muscle relaxation with the eye catching beauty of gorgeous purple flowers sprinkled on top of the water. A big ah yes to a deep sleep and great after long flights.

Detox bath

An infusion of Epsom salts & essential oil to detox your worries away before bed to wake up feeling refreshed.

Blissful bubble bath

We have found the most gorgeous smelling essential oil infused bubble bath. Who doesn’t love a bubble bath! I know my inner child loves them. Gorgeous.

Relaxation Blend Salt bath

This blend is soothing and relaxing, with a mixture of essential oils and plant active ingredients that moisturises the skin and relaxes the body to promote wellness through relaxation.

Citrus Salt Bath

A refreshing blend of fresh ingredients including lime, orange, lemongrass and Epsom salts.  This refreshing bath will help revive tired muscles and leave your skin feeling fresh and revitalized.


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Wellness Baths are available as part of all our Bali Retreat packages. Extra Wellness Baths are part of the below Wellness Retreat Packages.


❝All of the treatment staff were delightful and ensured we were comfortable... I thought the setting was perfect... I would live at Bliss if I could and I definitely would like to return.❞

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❝Restorative, reconnected to my spirit, my soul...the food is amazing - loved that we got to eat fresh, tasty, delicious Balinese cuisine, the massage and beauty treatments are divine.❞

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