bali spa retreat

bali spa retreat

More than a Wellness Retreat & Spa Retreat…

At Bliss we aim to provide an experience of abundance, nurturing, healing and joy. We really are unlike any other spa resort in Asia, we combine a fantastic luxurious womens retreat experience with a spa vacation. This experience is captured to its fullest with our offering to every guest of unlimited massages & spa treatments everyday. Enjoy so much more than your traditional Bali retreat, spa vacation or wellness retreat, experience pure bliss, personally, just the way you like it with our lovingly trained staff and their amazing healing hands.

Your massage experience at Bliss…

Your luxurious spa retreat and massage experiences at Bliss includes a variety of beautiful, loving, nurturing spa treatments. We aim to please with choice and variation offered by our experienced masseuses with beautiful treatments. This is so much more than simply a spa holiday! It’s a spa retreat, wellness retreat, yoga retreat & luxury retreat all rolled into one.

As with tradition in Bali we offer our massages outside in the tranquil picturesque tropical gardens overlooking the pool. Or for those of you who like airconditioned comfort each treatment can be done in the privacy of your own room.
This is one of the many reasons we don’t have strangers sharing rooms, as your sleep sanctuary can also be your relaxing treatments sanctuary. It’s amazing the healing qualities of simply taking this massage time out for yourself all in one week of Bliss…

Woman enjoying relaxing stone massage by the Sanctuary pool
Luxurious massage at Bliss

Relaxing massage at Bliss
Absolute pampering at Bliss
Relaxing stone back massage at BlissLuxurious head massage at Bliss

Blissful Balinese Massage

An amazing part Thai part oil massage which covers every part of your body evenly leaving you feeling entirely blissful, relaxed, rejuvenated, and heavenly. The signature Balinese massage is a huge favourite at Bliss … and for good reason. From the tips of the toes though to the tops of your head every part of your body will be melting together, re balanced, re energized, relaxed and happy.

Gorgeous Thai Massage

The Thai massage is a more rigorous massage with no oil, but great for stretching and leaving you feeling relaxed and healthy and ready for anything. It’s like a yoga practice where you don’t do any work! And get an amazing foot and head massage to go with it. A truly rejuvenating massage.

Heavenly Hot Stone Massage

Especially scrumptious if you have an aching sore back and shoulders that need some TLC. The warmth in the smooth hot stones melts the pain and tension away. If you like heat therapy and love the feeling of your muscles melting, then definitely give this a try.

Rejuvenating Cream Bath

If you love your head being massaged, this is the ultimate relaxation and stress alleviator! With a Matrix hair treatment your head will be massaged slowly and infused with love, your scalp regenerated, your shoulders, neck and arms relaxed, and your hair will feel amazing and well conditioned.
Many guests relax with the luscious crème bath the day they are leaving to feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to travel home.

Silky Smooth Body Scrub

A lovely soft scrub that will enliven your skin and leave you feeling refreshed and new. 45 minutes of being rubbed gently, coaxing the skin to come alive through kindness and love.

Ridiculously Good Foot Reflexology

An authentic rejuvenating, pick me up, massage for your feet as trained by Chinese practitioners to help balance all of the internal organs in your body. This treatment is taken relaxing sitting overlooking the tranquil pool while refreshing your body drinking out of a gorgeous, healthy rehydrating, fresh coconut.

The Beauty-ful Facial

Relaxing, sensitive, silky smooth, regenerating, soft sensual treatment for the face. Keep those laugh lines supple and re hydrate your smile and GLOW.

Balinese Manicure & Pedicure

A must have in Bali to help make you feel shiny and new. We call it tropical garden glamour with beautiful colours, tender loving care, a good foot scrape to take away all of the tired skin, and Balinese flowers for those wanting something a little more exotic.


A relaxing, more gentle massage utilizing the use of essential oils. The therapists will set your room up with relaxing music, essential oil in the air diffuser and use a scented massage oil of your choice.

Essential oils are also believed to be absorbed through the skin. So based on each women’s needs we have oils to calm, energise, cleanse and uplift and relax into ultimate Bliss…

Herbal Ball Massage

This wonderful massage provides deep relaxation while relieving stress and fatigue. The herbal balls are heated (generally wet) and are applied in circular movements. You’re welcome to select the scent of the oil to be used for the massage.

Herbs are placed inside a muslin cloth, which is then steamed so that the healing and soothing properties of the herbs are intensified. This herbal ball is then used to rub hot oil on your body, the herbs mix with the oil and relax your body.

Typically they contain tamarind, kaffir leaves, lemongrass, shikakai, mangosteen, ginger, and many other ingredients. The herbal qualities are carefully selected so that they blend well together and form a therapeutic mix that will benefit the specific ailments and complaints of each woman.

Other Beauty Treatments Bali has to offer…

We’re very proud that at Bliss your experience is your own design with no restrictions. Many women want advice from us on the best places to go for Medical Spa Treatments such as botox, skin rejuvenation, dentistry and other anti-ageing treatments. Many of these treatments are a lot cheaper in Bali than Western Countries, and the Medi Spas employ practitioners who have trained all over the world.

Although these are not included in your packages, we can make appointments for you and suggest great places to go for:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Botox
  • Dermal Filler
  • Aquamid
  • Redensity Light Filler
  • Micro Needling
  • IPL Laser
  • Micro Dermabrasion
  • Chemical Peel
  • PLP
  • Erbium Laser
  • Acne Treatments
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Meso Therapy (Fat Reduction)
  • Energy Booster (Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C injections)
  • Vitamin IV Therapy
  • Laser Mole Removal
  • Mesotherapy Cellulite Removal
  • Lip Enhancement
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Infrared Sauna Therapy
  • Salt Room Therapy
  • Thalasso Therapy (Salt Water Pools)

If you are interested in any of these treatments our hostess can run through different places and their pricelists and make an appointment(s) for you at a time that is convenient for you. Our personal drivers will take you there and pick you up so your experience is safe, easy and hassle free.

We can even organise some of these packages before you get to Bliss and work everything else around these if this is an important part of you following your bliss.

*These Packages are over and above your Bliss Packages and are delivered subject to availability through our suggested Medi Spas in Bali.

Naked Skin Package

A great rejuvenation treatment for all skin types, especially early aging skins in 30s and 40s to prevent deeper lines and wrinkles. A nourishing, hydrating treatment that induces the activity of collagen to improve the health of the skin in the long term.

  • Diamond Microdermabrasion
  • PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Dermapen Microneedling
  • LED Red Light therapy for collagen induction
  • Gold Collagen Mask

Price: 4,700,000Rp (approx $470 USD)

Cleopatra Gold

60 mins.

  • Diamond microdermabrasion
  • LED Red light therapy
  • Gold Collagen mask
  • 24 carat gold hyaluronic acid serum
  • 24 carat gold collagen moisturiser

Price: 1,000,000Rp (approx $100 USD)

Detox Package

A general wellness and detox combination, a perfect pick-me-up anytime, especially if you’ve been overdoing it on holiday.

  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Infrared Sauna

800,000Rp (Approx $80 USD)

Ultimate Wellness and Detox Package

  • Colon hydrotherapy
  • Infrared sauna
  • Vitamin cocktail
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Foot Massage

2,000,000Rp (Approx $200 USD)

Slimming Treatments

2.5 hours


  • Fat Cavitation
  • Ultrasound
  • Radio Frequency
  • Cellulite Massage*
  • PPC injection

*Cellulite massages are optional, depending on the patient’s requirements and recovery. Price is the same with or without the cellulite massage. We recommend to have 2-3 slimming treatment a week and at least one of them should include cellulite massage.

2,750,000Rp (approx $275 USD)

Thalassotherapy – Ayana Resort

If you are wanting a relaxing day visiting the other side of the island our personal drivers can take you on a daytrip to see some of the amazing beaches, enjoy one of the many beach clubs, visit the Uluwatu Temple and book in for some Thalassotherapy and enjoy the beautiful Aquatonic Seawater Pool at Ayana Resort & Spa.

Ayana Resort World-Class Bali Thalasso Spa

The Ayana resort Bali thalasso spa is home to one of the world’s largest Aquatonic® Seawater Therapy Pools, providing the natural curative properties of seawater through Thalassotherapy. An ancient healing ritual dating back 5,000 years, the term ‘thalassotherapy’ was coined in France in the 19th Century from the Greek ‘thalassa’ meaning sea and ‘therapeia’ meaning healing. Thalassotherapy’s main objective is to increase blood circulation and restore vital minerals lost as a result of stress, pollution and poor diet/lifestyle. Because the chemical composition of seawater is so similar to that of human blood, the skin is able to absorb trace minerals and ions such as magnesium, potassium and calcium sulphates when immersed in water heated to body temperature. Today, France remains the center of thalassotherapy healing, with Thermes Marins de Saint Malo – of which Thermes Marins Bali Spa is an accredited center – creating products to target physical, emotional and health needs.

Benefits of Thalassotherapy:
 relief of the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, back and muscular pain, tension and stress
 muscle toning, reduction in cellulite, improved metabolism and cardiovascular functioning
 strengthening of immune system and lymphatic drainage for muscle repair, improved sleep quality and relaxation
 skin detoxification and nourishment to support anti-ageing therapies

Unlimited spa treatments are available as part of all our inspired Bali Retreat packages…


❝Restorative, reconnected to my spirit, my soul…the food is amazing – loved that we got to eat fresh, tasty, delicious Balinese cuisine, the massage and beauty treatments are divine.❞

sina.moanaTrip Advisor Owl trip advisor


❝Restorative, reconnected to my spirit, my soul…the food is amazing – loved that we got to eat fresh, tasty, delicious Balinese cuisine, the massage and beauty treatments are divine.❞

sina.moanaTrip Advisor Owl trip advisor


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