Blog 56: Body Beautiful


Bliss Sanctuary Bali - Blog 56: Body Beautiful

Hi everyone, I’m Zoë the founder of Bliss and as you can see I’m a curvy woman in her mid 40’s…

Recently we’ve had celebrities at Bliss and I’ve noticed a few comments asking if everyday women come here as looking at our Instagram its seems like mainly skinny models.

These sorts of comments make me really sad as we have a lot of stories and highlights with all our guests and Facebook, but a lot of our guests want privacy and don’t want to appear on Instagram. We respect their privacy.

When we do photoshoots I largely use people I know who have amazing positive energies & the last photoshoot to launch our new Ubud was with a 52 yr old, 3 x curvy women in their 40’s and a thin mumma of 2 also in her 40’s. These are all over our Instagram page.

Deluxe drinks by the pool Bliss Bali retreat

Friends enjoy drinks by the pool Bliss Bali retreat

Woman relaxing in flower bath Bliss Bali retreat

These are real people. Celebs are also real people (even though it doesn’t seem like it on Instagram lol). I’m a real person. Our staff are amazing, gorgeous, humble, non judgemental real people. And our guests are all real people & usually so super lovely and excited to be here coming from all over the world and all unique.

We welcome anyone who wants to come to Bliss without judgement and are very happy to repost our guests’ pictures and add them to stories.

Instagram is a funny beast, even I have posted a professional picture of myself here lol. Because its quite an intimidating forum. But I feel that is a reflection of Instagram as we’re reposting what others are sharing. Having said that you have been heard loud and clear and we welcome our guests of all shapes and sizes to post more of their trips so we can repost.

Instagram though is a highlight reel its not the everyday. Our Facebook also has more of an everyday feel if you’d prefer to follow us there.

Thankyou for your feedbacks and we look forward to bringing you more of what you’re asking for.

Love Zoë x

(From: @blissanctuaryforwomen Jun 2019)

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