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I love that term ‘I’ll do me and you do you’ it is so empowering and something I’ve really enjoyed putting into practice lately.

Knowing it’s ok to just be me and not have to adjust myself for everybody else whilst still being aware and respectful of our differences.

Sooooo empowering.

Then all of a sudden I realised I have actually been living and breathing this for a long time … through Bliss! Lol.

They say we teach the things we need to learn the most and this is one of them for me.

This is actually the backbone of our Bliss Sanctuary For Women experiences in that we are designed specifically for each woman to follow her bliss her own way. Which really is just another way of saying… Do YOU!

In short this means that every single woman who comes to Bliss can just do your own thing, swap and change anything you want with flexibility, eat what you want, do unlimited classes of yoga or none at all, eat healthy or try one of our amazing club sandwiches with French fries. And the list goes on.

So essentially this is a self love holiday with your own version of wellness where you can DO YOU.

This is why we are a wellness sanctuary holiday and not a regimented Bali Retreat or Yoga Retreat.

It’s amazing how many of us feel so uncomfortable doing this! Doing YOU. Me included.

So in every day life this is something I’ve really started saying to myself in all situations where I feel I ‘should’ do something. I change this to ‘could’ and it gives me a choice to do Me.

I have to be squirmishly honest here and say the place I most need to do this is in dating!!! As a 45 yo single woman ive started to second guess what on earth is wrong with me that I haven’t found anyone that I like enough to settle down with since the age of 30. Lately I’ve started trying to fit myself into what others are wanting or how I think I need to be to make things work. As what do they all say, if ‘nothing changes then nothing changes’.

Which is true but I realised quick smart it’s great to learn and grow but we must always do Us. If I’m going to have anyone in my life, a guy, a friend, family, work colleagues anyone… I must be able to do me. And it’s such a beautiful freeing thing.

Lately at Bliss we’ve had a lot of celebrities wanting to come and of course they do a lot of Insta posting and they even get a lot of media talking about their stay after they’ve left as so many people seem to love Bliss which we are so thankful for. When here though, they are normal everyday people trying to enjoy a nice vacation for the soul, just like everyone else.

Some of our past guests have suggested that having celebrities is ‘not Bliss’ which makes me a bit sad really. We welcome all women to come here and Do You. I can guarantee the celebs are real people and they are usually so lovely and humble and they are not looking down their nose at anyone. They have beautiful hearts and souls and it is so lovely to see how they connect with all our gorgeous staff who have no idea who they are and connect with everyone equally. Many of them come with their mums or sisters or with friends who are not celebrities. Being a celebrity is just their job. Whilst they come to Bliss to be themselves.

So I urge anyone reading this thinking about coming to Bliss to just Do You! When you come to Bliss. In everyday life. Whoever else is around.

At Bliss there are no big photoshoots getting in your way. You would solely focussed on what you want to be doing, eating, drinking, seeing … your trip is for you alone and our staff love each of our guests equally.

We supply gorgeous sarongs that most of our guests end up wearing all week as they are so relaxing and comfortable. If someone wanted to come to Bliss with just the clothes on your back you would be fine! Just dress for the things you want to do and for yourself (whilst being aware of cultural needs).

Some of our guests like to dress up for dinner with the other ladies. Some don’t and it’s all ok. Some of our ladies dress up for some nice holiday snaps, others go tech free for their version of complete relaxation.

Whatever you choose you can DO YOU at Bliss and this is part of the magic that so many wonderful women speak about in their reviews.

When I meet our gorgeous guests I’m often told how wonderful it is that it’s hard to put into words. Because it’s no one thing. It’s simply the freedom & Bliss of doing YOU.

And I absolutely love this.

There are no airs and graces at Bliss, each individual woman can be yourself and we love you for it.

Now I’m off to practice Doing Me! I’ll be by the pool in a bikini trying to get some sun on my voluptuous curves spilling out over the top, feeling fabulous!

Much Love, Zoë xx

Ps don’t you love this pic of my friend Helen … she came to Bliss Ubud before we officially opened as I wanted all different shapes and sizes and big hearted women in our photos … and they were testing everything out so everything was at Bliss standard by the time our guests arrived. This is such a gorgeous Do YOU shot whilst having a gorgeous flower bath.

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