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Here at Bliss we truly believe in the healing power of a good night’s sleep. Rest plays a huge roll in all our cognitive functions, including memory retention, stress relief, maintaining the immune system and keeping our bodies strong and healthy. Unfortunately, our modern world can make getting a good night’s sleep increasingly difficult with distractions, stresses, light and noise causing havoc with our shut eye.

We want all women to have the most rejuvenating sleep wherever they are in the world, so we have rounded up our top tips to help women achieve their best restful routines.

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Stick to your sleeping pattern

It is recommended that adults get between seven and nine hours sleep each evening. Sleeping for long enough each night is so important – but so is sticking to a regular sleeping pattern! Set yourself a time each night to switch off and a time each day to rise and stick to it, even at the weekends. This helps to train the body clock, meaning you are more likely to wake up feeling refreshed, alert and ready to take on the day.

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Try a guided sleep meditation

Many of our ladies tell us that they struggle to drift off at night because they find that their minds are awake with thoughts and concerns about the previous or next day. Guided sleep meditations train the mind to let go of the day and provide a natural sleep aid through slowing down the breathing and moving the brain away from hectic thoughts.

Step back from screens

It is no secret that using our phones and other technology at night can impact our sleep. This is because the blue light that screens omit restrain the production of melatonin – the hormone which helps us drift off. Instead of scrolling through your phone or catching up on the latest box set, step away from your technology for an hour before bed, and opt to read a book or listen to calming music instead.

Use essential oils

The power of essential oils is an area flooded with research – they have so many amazing uses in evoking our emotions and helping us to feel centred. One of their special properties is that certain smells will also help to evoke sleep through their anxiety reducing qualities. Lavender, vanilla and jasmine are particularly powerful – try adding a few drops to your bedsheets or in an oil diffuser to help to promote a calm and restorative rest. We love essential oils at Bliss!

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We want to encourage all women everywhere to incorporate more relaxation into your life because it’s important for ultimate balance. And this can be done in so many different ways. At Bliss we are all about relaxation but understand different people relax in different ways. Some women tell me they find Crossfit relaxing! LOL I personally can’t relate to that, give me a good book and a gorgeous pool any day lol. But we hope you love our stories on how to relax more and more and more. Because you and your body, mind and soul truly deserve it. You can’t achieve wellness balance without relaxation.
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