Spiritually Healing Relationships


Friends laughing having fun poolside at Bliss Bali Retreat
Friends laughing having fun poolside at Bliss Bali retreat

When it comes to matters of the heart, the spiritual healing process is an expansive experience.

In order to feel fulfilled in our relationships and friendships, we must first observe what they mean to us and how we treat them on both our best and worst days. Initially, it may not feel like healing these bonds will get to the core of emotional misalignment, but our emotional ties to the people close to us are part of the soul’s positive motivation.

At Bliss, we believe that all relationships, be it with our friends, partners, families or colleagues have room to be healed and restored.

Friends laughing having fun at Bliss Bali retreat

Here are our three tips for beginning your transformative heart healing journey…

Increase your awareness of toxicity and maintain your own positive energy

Throughout the day, through work, social media and television we are exposed to potentially toxic energy and we may find that negative thoughts, judgments and social comparisons enter our subconscious. This negativity has the power to affect our relationships – it can make us irritable, unresponsive, angry or harsh towards the people around us. When you become aware of the sources of your negativity, you can begin to find relieving practices to help you rebuild and maintain your energy and the positive connections with the people around you. Energy practices such as yoga and meditation are an ideal way to cleanse your heart of toxic energy after a stressful day. Taking a walk in nature or stepping back for five deep grounding breaths can also help to realign the energy flowing through the mind, body and soul.

Make sure you find a balance between the love that you give and the love that you receive

For a relationship to find balance, it should not feel like you are constantly giving love, support and attention without receiving it back. Similarly, when life grows hectic it can be easy to overlook the love that you may be receiving from others. Taking the time to observe the balance in your important relationships may help you to see where there is a tip between giving and receiving and realigning this imbalance can restore the yin and yang of equal support. If you feel like one of your relationships has fallen into a disequilibrium, approach it with an open, loving conversation, explaining the value of the bond and how important it is to you to restore the balance.

Practice giving love and support without casting judgment

When you approach a friend or family member with a problem, you would expect to receive their encouragement and loyalty without question. In turn, when a trusted loved one approaches you with a problem it is essential you support their emotions, not judge their actions. No heart can find purity if it is consistently judging and comparing the rights and wrongs of others. Releasing judgment from your heart can be a journey on its own and requires practicing empathy. If you struggle to release yourself from judgment, or if you yourself find that you feel judged, try seeking out a supportive coach to guide you. When you release judgement from your heart, it allows for the mind to gain clarity over situations, allowing for a connection between an empathetic emotional response from the heart, and a non-judgmental and practical solution from the clear mind.

Sometimes, in order to appreciate our positive relationships, or to let go of those that no longer serve us, we need to take the time to peacefully reflect. When ladies join us at our Bliss sanctuaries, they can learn the heart healing techniques of yoga and meditation in a peaceful and secluded oasis. For women at home we recommend finding a quiet, clean environment away from digital distractions to reflect on the steps they want to take to begin their spiritual heart healing journey.

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