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Mum Debbie Bright, happy guest at Bliss Bali retreat with daughters Lydia Bright and Georgia Bright

Mum Debbie Bright, happy guest at Bliss Bali retreat with daughters Lydia Bright and Georgia Bright

We caught up with the fabulous Debbie Bright following her trip to Bliss last April with her daughters Lydia and Georgia Bright!

What did you love most about Bali?

I miss Bali so much it was one of the best trips of my life! I must say it was the tranquillity I loved the most, it was so tranquil and spiritual for me. Ubud is the gem of Bali, I absolutely loved it.

What did you enjoy most about Bliss?

Although it’s a retreat, you felt like you were at home with your family and the Bliss team were incredible, nothing was too much trouble- they bent over backwards to make sure we were looked after. You felt like you were living at home, but in a dream and were always so comfortable.

Did you find Bali healed you at all?

I had lost two really close friends at Christmas so it gave me that silence to sit and reflect where I usually wouldn’t have time to. We are so busy even when we’re just indoors, there’s always something going on whether it’s someone knocking on the door or calling up on the phone. It was just time to focus on you, be by yourself, repair, think about things, and fall in love with yourself again.

Did anything inspire you during your trip?

The Tirta Empul temple experience I really loved, where I got to cleanse my body and soul. It made me realise how lucky and blessed I am and all the positive things happening in my life, it definitely makes you more spiritual. I also loved the eco bike ride tour which me, Georgia and Lydia went on to experience true Bali, away from the tourist locations. We visited rural Balinese homes and saw how the Balinese people live. Most of them are poor, yet so rich in many ways we aren’t. They have a simple life and are so in touch with nature, enjoying the moments. They are such humble and lovely people which really inspired me.

How did you feel travelling with you daughters Lydia and Georgia?

It was amazing and totally different to any trips we have done together before. We took part in so many fun activities and really used the time to enjoy each other’s company and create special memories which we will cherish forever.

What does being a mother mean to you?

Being a mother is an extension of me. I feel like you have a purpose in life and mine is to be a mother, I’ve got my own children and obviously I’m a mum to many through fostering which I still keep in touch with. You don’t have to be blood to be a relative, you need life experience.

When you have children, everything you’ve lived and experienced is passed on in some way to your children. It could be simple things like the way I cook or my sayings, I remember my mother and grandmother saying the same sayings. One of my favourites: “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”. Without that relationship you aren’t leaving your mark on the world. As a mother you have to leave a legacy, I always say to my children you’ve got to remember 3 things in life “be kind, be kind, be kind”. Being a mother is life’s teaching of the next generation.

What advice would you give to other mothers?

Enjoy every moment, once you have a child your life goes so quickly! The biggest advice is acceptance, don’t expect anything from your children or have a life planned out for them and what you want them to become. Your children have their own journey in life, what you’re there for is to support them and hold their hand through the process. Acceptance is the base of a loving relationship.

How important do you believe relationships are to your health and wellbeing?

So vital! All relationships are important, but as women, friendships especially are so important. Going away with friends to places like Bliss, is time to smile and laugh. Sometimes in life we forget to stop and laugh, and it’s amazing to be able to share that experience with friends and family in my case. Your body plays a great part in your health but so does your mind. You can’t just go to the gym and eat the right foods and be healthy, you need to nurture your mind. With a weak mind you will always have a weak body.

Debbie adds: “I just want to thank everybody at Bliss from me, Lydia and Georgia, we had such a wonderful time and for making it so memorable and enjoyable!”

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