How To Create A Wellness Sanctuary At Home


Bliss Bali retreat create wellness sanctuary at home

Bliss Bali retreat create wellness sanctuary at home

We believe in the huge importance of creating an environment that helps your journey to wellness, which is why our Bliss Sanctuaries have been designed to help ladies fully relax and recuperate.

Here are some tips to help make your home your soulful centre, where you can close the door, relax and unwind:

Create Cleansing Rituals

One thing our Bliss ladies always comment on at our sanctuaries is our healing flower baths, and how cleansed they leave the body. We always encourage our women to re-create a cleansing routine in their bathrooms when they return home and we suggest all women take the time regularly to have a long relaxing bath.

We recommend adding essential oils to your bath to create an extra-soothing experience. Lavender is known for its calming properties, whereas peppermint will reinvigorate your body. Other amazing scents include eucalyptus, which is an anti-inflammatory, lemon which is summery and stimulating and rose which will rehydrate the skin. To create a gorgeous petal bath at home pluck the petals from a fresh bouquet of beautiful roses and drop them into running warm water. The scent and healing properties of the petals will infuse, providing you with your own moment of Bliss at home.

Epsom salts or magnesium flakes are also an amazing muscle relaxant and something I use a couple of times a week to relax our overworked bodies.

Create a ‘Wellness Space’

Find a spot in your home that you can turn into your own nook of relaxation. This space should be somewhere away from technology, where you can read or meditate in soothing natural light. Keep this space reserved solely for healing activities, where you can root your calm and be grounded in comfortable stillness.

Make sure you have a comfortable chair or place to lay or sit on the floor on a comfortable thick rug and add any crystals for energy flow, goddess or Buddha statues, incense or oil infuser for a beautiful smell and clearing and wellness sprays are also amazing to help clear the energy around you.

Create Open Spaces

When an area is filled with large pieces of furniture, it becomes harder for the air to circulate around the room and can make us feel claustrophobic. Consider how you can use the rooms in your home to give you the space to move freely, and for the air to fully circulate. After crafting a gorgeous space for the air to circulate around make sure you regularly open the windows, letting in detoxifying fresh air. If this really interests you, read about Feng Shui and what you can do to create a balanced home.

Embrace Nature

Having regular contact with nature significantly reduces stress, anger, anxiety and fear. Bringing an appreciation of nature into the home is one of the best ways to create wellness. If you have a beautiful view through your windows, make sure you have a cosy seat nearby to enjoy it and soak up the natural light. Indoor plants are also essential to bring the energy of the natural world in and to help clean the air and boost your mood. To really ground yourself with nature, try ‘earthing’ where you simply take the time out to put your bare feet onto the earth and breathe in deeply while being present and feeling the calming and balancing nature of the earth.


The trend of de-cluttering the home has grown in recent years, and for good reason. Having visual noise in our environments can foster unnecessary worries. De-cluttering can help to combat these worries, increasing our self-confidence as we settle into a newly clean and organised space. When decluttering, note which objects make you feel the most calm, happy and accomplished – and place them prominently, always allowing for positive energy to flow into your eyeline.

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We wanted to share our Bliss experience as far as it can go and so we created Bliss News. Even if you can’t go on a beautiful personalised Women’s Retreat right now, we hope you can take the time to add a bit more bliss to your life in whatever way you choose. Self love comes in all different shapes and sizes but the one thing it has in common is that it starts with you. We hope some of our ideas and laughs and wellness retreat additions are something you can incorporate into your everyday life... love Zoë xxx

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We want to encourage all women everywhere to incorporate more relaxation into your life because it’s important for ultimate balance. And this can be done in so many different ways. At Bliss we are all about relaxation but understand different people relax in different ways. Some women tell me they find Crossfit relaxing! LOL I personally can’t relate to that, give me a good book and a gorgeous pool any day lol. But we hope you love our stories on how to relax more and more and more. Because you and your body, mind and soul truly deserve it. You can’t achieve wellness balance without relaxation.
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