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You’ve been away on your own, with the girls, with your partner and with the kids, but have you ever thought about taking a trip with your mother as an adult?

At Bliss we have had so many mother and daughter travellers, which is lovely to see and as an adult it’s definitely something women could consider when planning their next trip.

As a result of witnessing these special trips at the blissful retreat, here are some reasons why women travel with their mums:

You can really get to know her

When you’re in a foreign country spending one-on-one time away from your normal routines and roles at home, you can spend time with your mum as a friend. This gives you the opportunity to get to know her in a way you perhaps haven’t before and learn new things about what she likes and what she doesn’t, all whilst experiencing a new country together. A memorable experience you won’t forget!

Priceless memories

Shared travel experiences are memory gold! The laughs you will have and memories you will make with your mum will stay with you forever. When you’re on holiday you can relax, enjoy yourself and have an amazing time in a new location. Being able to reminisce and share stories and photos when you return (and many years to follow) is really special. Looking back and remembering the silly stuff that made you laugh is a feeling money can’t buy.

Quality time together

Travelling with your mum allows you to spend a longer amount of time together than you would back at home, especially if you don’t live in the same town or city any more. Life back home is hectic and most of the time we speak to our mothers over the phone and forget how amazing it is to be in their company. Being able to spend a chunk of quality time together, when you’re not distracted by work, gives you the chance to truly connect and bond with your mum over long conversations. You can talk about anything without any disruptions, whether it’s how your new job is going, your relationship problems or that new dress you want to buy.

Visit a new country together

Long-haul travel is no longer an off-putting factor for mothers, with most becoming more adventurous in later life, which gives you the opportunity to visit some amazing countries with an itinerary packed of exciting activities. Sharing in these new sights and activities and experiencing something brand new together is also a great way of bonding.

You can learn and see new things together

Travelling with your mum can lead you to try exciting new hobbies and experiences together. Whether it’s trialling yoga or hiking up a volcano, you will learn and evolve together, helping each other out and creating valuable memories! Your mum might also suggest activities you would never experience if it wasn’t for her input, and vice versa.

They appreciate your time

Your mum is your number one fan, they know your life is busy when you get older and they are unable to see you as much as your younger days, but this means when they do get to spend more than a day with you, they really treasure it. Forget the days of arguing with your mum about your curfew, now you can both enjoy each other’s company as mature adults. Life is short and you mum will want to spend as much time with you as possible.

Mums are fun!

Spending time with the woman that raised you can remind you that you aren’t that different, after all you are half of her. Whether you’re sipping on cocktails, having a pamper at the spa, or splashing around at temples, you are bound to have an entertaining time. Having fun with your mum is a special thing, and totally different to when you were younger. You can approach each other as equals and get tipsy watching the Bali sunset, what more could you wish for? A trip with your mum is irreplaceable.

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