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Bali Instagram Account

There’s no denying that Bali makes for wanderlust worthy Instagram content with its idyllic beaches, ancient temples and lush rice paddies.

Asides from the beautiful landscape, Bali today is a hub of healing and wellbeing, offering the best in yoga, meditation, surfing, detoxing and exploring.

Whether you come to Bali in search of breath-taking scenery, delicious cuisine or just a little zen, you are sure to find it. To help you on your way, here are our top five Instagram accounts to help you plan your ultimate Bali experience:

Racking up almost 1 million followers, the Bali Bible is the ultimate guide to exploring the island’s hidden coves, beaches and so much more.  The bible includes must-see destinations and events as well as the latest deals for Bali-wide restaurants and adventures.

Best in Bali is the good vibes only account offering the best in Bali and beyond. If you’re after some serious travel inspo, grab a coconut and take a scroll through this feed where you can expect to find plenty of white sand and luscious landscapes.

Between sunsets, waterfalls and temples this is the Bali feed for the true explorer. Ever dreamed of lazing in a beach hammock or climbing a volcanic mountain? Then this is the Instagram account for you. They’re also partial to capturing a beautiful Bali sunset!

We Like Bali is home to the stylish duo Pris and Eve who post enviable stories of their captivating island life covering food, style and attractions. Pris and Eve use Bali’s best spots as the stunning backdrops for their chic yet laid-back style.

Heading to Ubud? Ubud Hood is the go-to feed for the best eats, stays and events you need to experience while you’re in the neighbourhood. From mouth-watering dining options and tree-top stays, to cultural shows and craft classes, Ubud Hood has something to suit all itineraries.

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