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Love Island UK stars enjoy drinks by the pool Bliss retreat
Woman meditating in luxury garden at Bliss Sanctuary for Women

Pioneers of deluxe health and wellbeing holidays, Bliss Sanctuary for Women, is dedicated to creating an escape from the pressure and demands faced in everyday life.

Currently 49% of women feel their stress has increased over the past five years and are experiencing physical and emotional symptoms as a result, making the highly-awarded luxury accommodation a go-to destination to reset and refocus.

Founder, Zoë Watson, says, “Spending time ‘refilling your cup’ is the best way to become a happier person with a healthier mindset enabling you to take care of yourself and the people who are most important to you.

Zoë Watson founder of Bliss Sanctuary For Women

Zoë Watson founder of Bliss Sanctuary For Women

“We’re less able to handle stresses when we're already depleted by exhaustion and are more resilient to handle strain when we are feeling our best both physically and emotionally,” says Zoë Watson.

Lack of self-care can seriously affect our health and is habitually overlooked, while Illness is often blamed for irritating headaches, frequent insomnia, digestive issues or decreased productivity, when stress may actually be the real culprit. Long term stress can even cause mental health issues, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms, heart attacks and much more.

Zoë Watson says, “Our relaxation response is the opposite to the body's stress response, it’s the ‘off switch’ to the body's tendency towards fight-or-flight. The stress response occurs naturally which worked well for women in ancient history when triggered rarely, however, in modern times, stress is triggered multiple times throughout the day and the relaxation response doesn't always have a chance to naturally follow.”

“This is how Bliss Sanctuary for Women was born… I needed to be completely selfish in a positive way and have authentic time away to relax my body, mind and soul, to find myself again. After a car accident I discovered I had fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and weekly migraines and I exhausted all options to become well again. Self-care is the biggest healer of all and the simplicity of this has helped so many more women, which I am so very thankful for,” says Zoë Watson.

Love Island Stars at Bliss Bali retreat

Zara McDermott, Samira Mighty and Ellie Brown – stars of the number one rated TV show, Love Island UK, – have recently enjoyed the sanctuary’s offerings, as well as global celebrity, Lydia Bright and Malin Andersson after the tragic loss of her newborn baby. Australian reality TV personalities, Keira McGuire and Tegan Martin also recently visited after relationship breakdowns.

Tegan Martin about to enjoy delicious healthy breakfast at Bliss Bali retreat

Tegan Martin about to enjoy delicious healthy breakfast at Bliss Bali retreat

Tegan Martin,Keira Maguire and Leah Jay at Bliss Bali Sanctuary For Women

Tegan Martin, Keira Maguire and Leah Jay at Bliss Bali Sanctuary For Women

Former Miss Universe Australia, Tegan Martin, says, “My time at Bliss has been magical, I didn’t realise how stressed I was physically and emotionally. Twenty-four hours in, my whole nervous system softened into such a calm state and I spent the rest of my time at the retreat in a true state of bliss....

“From the daily massages to the healing sessions, delicious healthy food cooked with love, the staff and the other strong independent women I have met here, I feel like Bliss has created a space for me to think more deeply into who I am and what I want, and I feel recharged ready to go home to my busy schedule”.

Bliss Sanctuary for Women offers a range of customisable fitness, healing, surfing, spa, humanitarian and detox packages at the Canggu, Seminyak and newly built Ubud villas. Each package is based around tailoring a personal retreat for each guest and includes unlimited spa and massage treatments, unlimited yoga, unlimited sightseeing with a personal driver and fresh gourmet cuisine prepared on site.

Unlike traditional retreats, Bliss Sanctuary for Women has a group focus with limited rooms available at any given time, so each experience is unique and flexible, with no schedules and bonding group activities a requirement. For more information or to book a personalised Bali retreat experience, visit

Bliss News

We wanted to share our Bliss experience as far as it can go and so we created Bliss News. Even if you can’t go on a beautiful personalised Women’s Retreat right now, we hope you can take the time to add a bit more bliss to your life in whatever way you choose. Self love comes in all different shapes and sizes but the one thing it has in common is that it starts with you. We hope some of our ideas and laughs and wellness retreat additions are something you can incorporate into your everyday life... love Zoë xxx

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Bliss Relaxation
We want to encourage all women everywhere to incorporate more relaxation into your life because it’s important for ultimate balance. And this can be done in so many different ways. At Bliss we are all about relaxation but understand different people relax in different ways. Some women tell me they find Crossfit relaxing! LOL I personally can’t relate to that, give me a good book and a gorgeous pool any day lol. But we hope you love our stories on how to relax more and more and more. Because you and your body, mind and soul truly deserve it. You can’t achieve wellness balance without relaxation.
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