Why Bali Is The Ultimate Solo Traveller Destination


Woman meditating in luxury garden at Bliss Sanctuary for Women
Woman meditating in luxury garden at Bliss Sanctuary for Women

Every year at Bliss we see a new wave of solo female travellers from all over the globe embarking on their first or next solo adventure with us and the number has only increased in recent years!

The desire to experience new cultures, see the world and meet new people is what it means to travel solo.

So, what is it about Bali that makes it the perfect destination for a solo traveller?

1. The people

Bliss team by the pool Ubud Bliss Bali retreat

Balinese people are proud of their culture and renowned for their sharing, caring and welcoming nature. Despite being halfway across the world, Balinese people welcome you as if you were family or an old friend returning home!

It’s this welcoming nature of community that forms the backbone of our sanctuaries in Bali and how we infuse the Balinese culture into the visit of each of our guests. Wherever you stay, the staff will learn your name and take complete care of you, bringing another level of comfort to your adventure.

Whether you’re inside or outside of the walls of our retreat you’ll always be made to feel loved and like part of our blissful family.

2. The social activities

Bike riding in Bali

In addition to the more spiritual and cultural side to Bali, the island also boasts an array of adventurous activities to get your adrenaline pumping whilst offering the perfect opportunity for solo travellers in Bali to work through fears and ignite that dormant fire within them.

These activities are also a great way to meet other solo travellers, all seeking the same rush or perhaps the spiritual enlightenment you’re seeking yourself.

Whether its surfing, bathing with elephants, trekking volcanoes, eco bike tours, yoga or cooking – Bali has something for everyone from the crazed thrill seeker to the spiritual wanderer.

There are so many things to do in Bali and when combined with the community vibe it’s clear to see how it’s become a popular destination for solo travellers across the world.

3. The shopping

There are tonnes of markets all over Bali selling all sorts of goodies and traditional trinkets. Each one is worth a visit to get a real insight into the day to day local Balinese life, as well as grabbing yourself the best of bargains! From late night snacks to traditional homewares, religious ritual items and art pieces – there’s a market for everything and each provides your own little piece of Balinese culture to take home for friends, family or as memorabilia to be remembered forever.

Shopping in Bali

4. The climate

We are so blessed in Bali to enjoy a balmy tropical climate all year round! It’s the area’s amazing weather that makes the island home to the wonderous sunsets and enticing beach and ocean landscapes travellers love so much. Whether you’re nervous about travelling alone or have just had a bad day, the hot weather and beautiful scenery is bound to make you forget all about it and see you embracing your trip and you time on the island.

Beautiful Bali beach

5. The culture

The Balinese culture affects almost every aspect of life on the island. Traditional culture can easily be found in Bali and experienced from just about every corner. The lively culture influences everything from museums to Balinese cuisine and of course, the gorgeous sacred temples like Tirta Empul, Uluwatu and Tanah Lot.

Solo travelling in Bali can be as empowering as it is exciting. It’s not just the Balinese culture you’ll discover here — you’ll also learn a whole lot about yourself along the way, too.

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