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September 2020 Woman magazine cover

From lush jungles to pristine coastlines, Bali is an ideal choice for healing, pampering and self-discovery.

Arthritis SA Magazine

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Zoe Watson fibromyalgia interview Arthritis Matters magazine cover

Today we hear from Zoe Watson. Zoe was a high flying successful businesswoman with a demanding career when life was abruptly interrupted by a major car crash which left Zoe with a range of unexpected health challenges as well as being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

The Telegraph


The Telegraph best hotels for solo travel post-lockdown

Coronavirus has meant social distancing for us all, and lockdown poses a particular challenge to those that live alone. For those looking after dependants though, perhaps while juggling working from home, solitude might seem like a blessing- and the first thing to be taking advantage of when this is all over.

Bespoke Black Book


Bespoke Black Book Bliss Sanctuary for Women

I can only describe my recent stay at this award-winning magical retreat as paradise, a trip like nothing I have ever known before.



Mirror - World best hotels for women - Bliss Sanctuary for wome

Best women-only hotels around the world for a brilliant ladies’ getaway. Best women-only hotels around the world whether you’re after a poolside holiday in the sun or a city break with plenty of adventure.

Yoga Magazine


Yoga Magazine: Bliss founder Zoe Watson - Healing essential oils for springtime

Healing essential oils for springtime. Entrepreneur, philanthropist and founder, Australian Zoe Watson, is a successful international business woman his personal journey lead her to set up Bliss Sanctuary for Women – a holistic haven of tranquility for women in need of an unparalleled escape from the everyday.

Bella Magazine


Bella magazine features Bliss Bali retreat

No men allowed. Female-only getaways are on the rise. Find one that’s perfect for you.