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The beginning of the year can be a difficult time of year for many, once the excitement of Christmas and the New Year has died down and we go back to our day to day routines. Here at Bliss, relaxation is the key to deep rest and rejuvenation, and we know how positive it is to include in our lives, but you can still have blissful moments at home by adding little things into your life to keep you feeling positive.

Here are our top three things to add to your routines this year to keep you feeling blissfully happy:

Easy, Fun, Exercise

You don’t need to sign up for an expensive gym membership or join a running club to get your daily dose of exercise. Adding a small amount of physical activity into your day to day life can be enough to improve your mood and general fitness. Apps such as Asana Rebel or Kayla Itsines – Sweat with Kayla (a fellow Aussie from Adelaide) on your phone give you 10 minute routines that fit into your daily schedule – you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home!

We believe in the importance of listening to your body at Bliss so don’t force yourself to take part in activities that you don’t enjoy or feel comfortable doing. If you like seeing the sights, make walking your thing, or if you have a lift at work, take the stairs instead. It’s as simple as making tiny changes like these to your daily life.


Mindfulness is something everyone is talking about at the moment, but how can you implement it into your life? Simply put, just slow down. Take time in your life to appreciate the little things and remember what you are thankful for.

Amazing food is important to us at Bliss, so we recommend enjoying your meal slowly and savouring each bite to provide maximum enjoyment. Food is another area in which it’s important to listen to your body by fuelling it with products that make you feel good. For example, if having fruit instead of sweets makes you feel more balanced then swap them out for a long-term energy boost and to feel better within yourself.

As well as slowing down when eating, slow down when getting from A to B too. When walking around look up! You will see the sky, the wildlife and notice new things about the places you see everyday that you have never noticed before.

Be aware of your inner thoughts, almost imagining yourself as a silent onlooker, and turn anything negative into positive just through being aware. We often berate ourselves within our own psyche and awareness of this is powerful. Changing this inner dialogue is the key to mindfulness and leading your life to positive change.

Sleep Better

Taking the time to ensure you sleep better and have ‘clean’ sleep (as coined by Gwyneth Paltrow, Founder of wellness website Goop) is something not many of us do, but we could be doing. Giving yourself a good bedtime routine can do wonders for keeping up your positivity in the mornings and throughout the day.

Taking a wellness bath before bed with added essential oils and salts will help your body drift off into a blissful natural sleep. Here at Bliss we use a mix of Balinese salt and lavender oil for deep muscle relaxation and to help you sleep better and deeper. We love wellness bathing so much that we put together a whole wellness bath menu for our guests which you could replicate at home.

Taking 10 minutes to meditate before bed can help to calm the mind and destress you after a busy day. We love the app Calm which has a great ‘deep sleep meditation’ programme for you to try. We’d be impressed if you manage to get through the whole thing without falling asleep first!

Here at our gorgeous Bali Retreat Bliss Sanctuary for women our main tip here at Bliss is to be aware that you can add bliss and positivity to your life by listening to yourself and putting yourself first. It’s okay to be ‘good selfish’ and this is necessary for a balanced life and to be the best and happiest version of yourself.

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We wanted to share our Bliss experience as far as it can go and so we created Bliss News. Even if you can’t go on a beautiful personalised Women’s Retreat right now, we hope you can take the time to add a bit more bliss to your life in whatever way you choose. Self love comes in all different shapes and sizes but the one thing it has in common is that it starts with you. We hope some of our ideas and laughs and wellness retreat additions are something you can incorporate into your everyday life... love Zoë xxx

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We want to encourage all women everywhere to incorporate more relaxation into your life because it’s important for ultimate balance. And this can be done in so many different ways. At Bliss we are all about relaxation but understand different people relax in different ways. Some women tell me they find Crossfit relaxing! LOL I personally can’t relate to that, give me a good book and a gorgeous pool any day lol. But we hope you love our stories on how to relax more and more and more. Because you and your body, mind and soul truly deserve it. You can’t achieve wellness balance without relaxation.
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