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Zoe Watson - founder Bliss Bali Retreat

As the founder of a leading wellness retreat...

... I have learnt over time that the key to our overall wellbeing starts with our mind. I have learnt this myself when creating balance for everybody else and forgetting myself, sometimes with dire burnout consequences.

And I have seen it with so many of our amazing guests and the difference 7 days of putting oneself first and relaxing and doing things we want to do. Rather than a long list of tasks and itineraries we make for ourselves in everyday life. The power of creating this space and putting ourselves first is magical.

So what does this mean exactly when it comes to living our best life and seeking wellness even when you can’t get to a Bali retreat?

I have put together 7 Blissful Mind Tips through my own learning in seeing people following their bliss and succeeding daily.

1. Breathe!

It seems so basic but I know it’s something I often forget to do and so do a lot of other people. I don’t mean those shallow breaths we take as we rush through life. I mean those deep conscious breaths where we take a minute to really focus on our breathing and getting that oxygen through to every part of our body. 10 deep breaths can do amazing things in clearing our foggy minds.

2. Trust your intuition

With absolutely every person on this planet we know deep down what is best for us. The best choice. The best direction. The best everything and yet we often don’t give ourselves credit for this and seek to find the answers outside of ourselves. Try going within, breath can help and sitting quietly asking yourself the questions and honouring what comes to mind.

3. Honour your feelings

When we do take the time to listen to the voice within and acknowledge our feelings associated with different things and take time to feel them and honour them, it leads us to the right path quickly and helps eliminate overall stress. Yet it’s something we so often overlook and don’t tap into.

4. Put yourself first

This is hard for so many women who are generally very selfless and caring of others. Yet sometimes it is absolutely the best thing to do to be selfish. Take the time to do the things that make you happy and kick that task list for others to the curb.

5. Create positive boundaries

Boundaries are good. Boundaries are necessary. Boundaries keep us sane. Let yourself say no when you don’t want to do something. Surround yourself with people who are positive in your life and not draining. Let people know how you feel and be ok with them not liking it. Boundaries are extremely important for a blissful mindset.

6. Eliminate FOMO

The fear of missing out is not a positive thing as fear generally is not. (Unless running from a Tiger). At the end of the day most of us just have too much on our plate. Why? Because we are trying to please everybody which is really about being wanted and accepted. So say no to some of those social events where your life doesn’t even seem your own anymore. Seize the day how YOU want to. The small things matter.

7. Relax

Take a bath, have a massage, go for a beach walk, have a coffee with a dear friend, do some YIN yoga, sit quietly with your favourite magazine, have a nana nap. Whatever your relaxation bliss is, follow it. Daily. You are worth it.

stone massage relaxation in bali retreat bliss bali retreat hammock relaxation

world mental health day logo

world mental health day logo

One of the key benefits of coming to Bliss Sanctuary For Women is that so many women take that special time out for themselves to clear their mind, honour their body and nurture their soul and then after 7 days of doing only this, they leave with a blissful mind. But you don’t need to go to a yoga retreat or health retreat to achieve this in your everyday life. Imagine if we focussed on ourselves for 10 minutes a day, the positive impact this can have.

To me World Mental Health Day (October 10th) is very much about creating a blissful mind set to really authentically look after our mental health.

It is the ultimate expression of self love.

I hope these tips encourage you to put yourself first even if only for 10 minutes a day and love and cherish yourself the way you deserve.

Love Zoë x

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