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bliss bali retreat canggu poolside
bliss bali retreat canggu poolside

We all deserve some Bliss in our life...

... and further to that we owe it to ourselves to follow it. I’m not sure we ever ‘find’ our bliss, you know what they say it’s the journey not the destination! Lol.

Because our bliss constantly changes as we change and grow. A blissful ‘choose your own adventure’ so to speak. Love it.

For me my Bliss for my mental health is getting a massage once a week. It helps taking the pain out of my body, gives touch in a therapeutic way, provides internal flow and helps calm the mind and slow the breath. Without this I become a much more stressed human being so I make it a priority. Even though it is a huge financial and time commitment, it’s something I do just for me.

Yes the stark reality is I run Luxury Bali Retreats, I don’t get to go to them lol.

But here’s an awesome review from a past guest who was completely burnt out and really needed that mental health reboot that we all need from time to time.

So here it is… we really hope it motivates you to know you deserve bliss and to follow it your way.

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Past Bliss guest & Tripadvisor reviewer for Bliss Sanctuary For Women, Bali:  See review on Trip Advisor


Bliss Sanctuary... the name says it all! After feeling extremely burnt out, overwhelmed, over worked, and exhausted from work, I decided to book a spontaneous solo trip & Bali was at the top of my list.

When I stumbled upon Bliss through my countless Google searches, I immediately knew it was the place for me. From the moment I arrived, I was greeted by Ani the hostess with a big smile & big hug. The villa is beautifully decorated and so serene.

The smell of incense burning, relaxing music playing in the background, beautiful lush greenery - it really is a little oasis of calm. I loved the idea that you could personalize your itinerary to your liking. I am very independent & loved not having a commitment to daily group activities.

This retreat truly caters to everyone individually. Ani and Christina (the hostesses) make you feel so at home and cater to you 24/7. It’s not something I’m used to, but it was such a breath of fresh air knowing that I didn’t have to think twice about anything. From arranging excursions and day trips, to scheduling daily spa treatments, to making sure you are never hungry, they are always there for you. I wanted to do A LOT of exploring all over Bali , and Ani and Christina did not hesitate to arrange everything I wanted to do.

The Canggu villa is located in a truly perfect location - close to amazing restaurants/cafes and trendy boutiques, walking distance to the beach, close to Desa Seni which , by the way , has amazing yoga classes!!! Thank you to the entire Canggu team for the most incredible experience ever. Bali is by far one of the coolest and most interesting places I’ve been to. Bali has so much to offer , there are so many beautiful temples, waterfalls, and beaches!!! It really is a magical little island. This was one of the best trips of my life and I owe it all to Bliss for making it so special. I left Bali feeling so grateful, inspired, rejuvenated, and recharged. Love and light. Xxx

world mental health day logo

world mental health day logo

One of the key benefits of coming to Bliss Sanctuary For Women is that so many women take that special time out for themselves to clear their mind, honour their body and nurture their soul and then after 7 days of doing only this, they leave with a blissful mind. But you don’t need to go to a yoga retreat or health retreat to achieve this in your everyday life. Imagine if we focussed on ourselves for 10 minutes a day, the positive impact this can have.

To me World Mental Health Day (October 10th) is very much about creating a blissful mind set to really authentically look after our mental health.

It is the ultimate expression of self love.

I hope these tips encourage you to put yourself first even if only for 10 minutes a day and love and cherish yourself the way you deserve.

Love Zoë x

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We wanted to share our Bliss experience as far as it can go and so we created Bliss News. Even if you can’t go on a beautiful personalised Women’s Retreat right now, we hope you can take the time to add a bit more bliss to your life in whatever way you choose. Self love comes in all different shapes and sizes but the one thing it has in common is that it starts with you. We hope some of our ideas and laughs and wellness retreat additions are something you can incorporate into your everyday life... love Zoë xxx

Here’s what some of our amazing guests had to say about their personalised bliss experience and why they want to come back.
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The Bliss Experience section is all of our bliss news about everything bliss. Our website covers everything but we wanted to give you a bit more insight into our daily lives and what we are all about in the here and now. Bliss is about connection and we hope this helps you feel more connected to us. We pride ourselves on being more than a women’s retreat or wellness retreat or yoga retreat or any Bali retreat, as we focus on our individual guests, keep numbers exclusively low, offer so many unlimited inclusions and we care so much about our guests with our gorgeous amazing local staff and Hostesses.
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