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We are so blessed that our Bliss sanctuary in Canggu has recently been voted the Best Luxury Women’s Sanctuary in Asia for 2019 as well as the Best Luxury Yoga and Wellness Retreat globally by the World Luxury Hotel Awards.

We’re so grateful to all our visitors for voting and helping to make our dreams a reality.

Once a sleepy surfing village known for its beginner-friendly waves and enticing sunsets, Canggu is now a tourist hotspot and firm favourite for travellers.

Located northwest of trendy Seminyak, this coastal paradise has grown in popularity thanks to its abundance of cafes, amazing architectural spaces and the classic desirable Bali climate.

But those solo or group travellers looking for their own slice of heaven, the seaside town of Canggu offers the perfect blend of open, tranquil beach landscapes, away from the usual bustle of Canggu yet still bursts with all its life, wonder and culture.

Along with places like Ubud and Seminyak, people are flocking to Canggu for its picturesque views, endless activities and fun vibes. Although having grown considerably in popularity over the last decade, the wonderous town of Canggu still hasn’t lost its local charm and laid-back feel.

Canggu is definitely one of our favourite areas of Bali, we love this chic little beach town and here’s our Bliss guide on the top things to do when you venture outside the walls of our beautiful sanctuary!


Looking for the perfect place to grab a pre-sunset cocktail in Canggu? The area has a huge range of beachside venues perfect for you to do just that. Our favourites are The Lawn Canggu, La Brisa, Finn’s Beach Club and La Laguna – all located in the centre of town!

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It wouldn’t be Bali without a plethora of wonderous beaches to enjoy alongside the favourable weather that’s so popular with all our visitors – not just the surfers among us! Whether it’s to watch the sunset, take in the endless ocean horizon or work on your golden tan– the Nelayan, Echo and Batu Bolong beaches are the ideal places to sit back and enjoy all that the Bali beaches have to offer.

Canggu Beach Bali

This gorgeous beach is situated just a 10 minute stroll from our Canggu sanctuary.


The hustle and bustle of Canggu’s main street Batu Bolong is a foodie heaven! Boasting a huge variety of food all year round, it’s difficult to pinpoint our favourites but if we had to pick one – the Betelnut Café is up there. The Betelnut Café is popular for good reason, they serve delicious and healthy food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A must try for anyone seeking a quick injection of Indonesian culture whilst you’re out and about seeing the sights, or of course you can indulge in unlimited delicious food all day at Bliss.

Betelnut Cafe in Canggu, Bali

Betelnut Café in Canggu, Bali


Amongst hiking volcanoes, yoga and sightseeing, surfing is one of the top activities to do in Canggu. The town has been a surfer’s paradise for decades, it’s not just the beaches that bring people to Bali, but the waves are equally as unique too. During your stay at Bliss you can get involved in 121 surf lessons or group sessions to truly find your surfing Bliss.

girl with surfboard bali fitness-retreat

We offer women an array of activity packages suited to both solo and group travellers perfect for both the thrill seeker and spiritual wanderer. It’s a place bursting with bustling culture, lively activity and the very reason our Canggu sanctuary has become a popular choice for experience chasers across the world. We hope you will love Canggu as much as we do!

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