Wellness bathing is something we hope can be a pleasurable experience for women in rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit! The best thing is that we believe anyone can benefit from a bath, from a simple bubble soak to salts helping repair tired muscles.

The bath is an oasis where you can feel weightless, listen to the quiet and emerge soothed and nurtured. In all Bliss sanctuaries, each room has an ensuite with a private stone bath to give your wellness experience an extra boost. Our bath rituals merge serenity with the essence of Balinese healing, from a cultural flower bath experience for generating positive energy to a citrus bath with lime, orange and lemongrass. We hope you feel relaxed just thinking about it!

K x

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Orange hues and swirling clouds - Bali sunsets are one of our favourite things! A sunset beach walk always reinvigorates us as the sea rushes past our ankles and our feet sink ever so slightly into the sand.

It’s amazing that something as simple as watching a sunset can relax the mind.

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Today (8 June) we celebrate Global Wellness Day, an internationally recognised day since 2012 that showcases living well.

It’s so great that we have a day that highlights wellness around the world. It’s a reminder to stop and think for a second, to take stock of how our mind, body and spirit are feeling. Are they energised or depleted? Are we at peace with ourselves right now?

Living well to us is about simply taking the time to recognise what we need. This could be enjoying nourishing meals, connecting with other like-minded women, or finding inner peace through meditation. How you do this is what makes up your own journey, and a Bliss sanctuary stay allows you to explore what’s possible for you.

K x

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We are always so grateful to know what makes the Bliss experience so special for the wonderful women who stay at our sanctuaries. The lovely A from Seminyak and lovely T from Canggu were filled with gratitude and joy at the end of their Bliss journey!

K x

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