Malin Andersson’s Healing Trip To Bliss


We recently welcomed the gorgeous and inspirational Malin Andersson to Bliss!

Malin reached out to us after seeing the Love Island UK girls and Lydia Bright and her family staying at our new Ubud Sanctuary. We were so touched and thankful that Malin wanted to come to Bliss for a healing retreat to help her recover after her year of heart break.

After suffering both the loss of her mother and her 4-week-old baby girl in just the space of two months, we couldn’t think of anyone who needed to take time out for herself more than Malin. She had also spoken out on social media about experiencing domestic abuse at the hands of her ex-partner the past few months.

As a brand that empowers women of all shapes and sizes, we resonated with Malin as a woman who promotes body positivity and mental health.

During her trip to Bliss, Malin took part in yoga sessions, tarot card reading with Erlangga and colour puncture with Henry. She indulged in a week of unlimited food, unlimited spa treatments and massages, yoga and sightseeing!

Malin posted on Instagram saying:

"So - as you all know I’m here in Bali staying at @blisssanctuaryforwomen… so this trips been booked for around 2 months now. And after everything I’ve gone through in the past year it couldn’t have come at a better time. Especially after last week...

I’m a huge believer in self-care, meditation, relaxation and putting yourself first; but sometimes as humans we are so busy and forget to do this. Ironically, I didn’t realise how amazing it would be here - unlimited treatments, massages, yoga, healing, readings... it’s literally what my head needs right now. By taking time out to yourself to deal with your pain and emotions you eventually get to heal. You don’t heal by staying busy and trying to numb the pain with external sources. I’m truly blessed to be here; but I know for a fact that this trip will be helping me massively on my journey to heal trauma that has happened to me. Mental health is important and should be taken as seriously as anything else. #blissambassador 🌴🌺.”

We absolutely love Malin, she is so fun, light-hearted and full of positive energy! We also admire her for celebrating her body, lumps, bumps and all! We celebrate women of all shapes and sizes at Bliss.

Malin explained that her stay at Bliss had transformed her, saying on an Instagram post:

“So I have left @blisssanctuaryforwomen feeling like a transformed woman.. We all have things that we need to work on as individuals and coming to Bliss I have really worked on myself mentally and physically. From the heart I can say I am so so grateful for this experience. Every single detail was thought of, the girls were amazing from the fresh cooking, the massages, the rooms immaculate every day, the scenic views. and just the general family feel of this place I could not recommend it enough. It’s been life changing and I will certainly be back ❤️ Forever a #blissambassador .. 🌴🌸”

We are so thankful to have Malin as part of our Bliss family. She really embraced what we stand for and what we are all about. We love her bravery and really hope she got what she needed to reconnect and recharge for the amazing work she is doing. We hope we will see Malin again soon!

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