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Erlangga Patria an amazing spiritual counselor who uses intuitive psychology, tarot and empathic spirituality and is available to visit our guests at Bliss Sanctuary for Women

Q & A with Erlangga – Healer at Bliss

Erlangga tarot reader at our Bali Wellness Retreat for women

Tarot card reading is one of the oldest forms of fortune-telling currently known to the world. The Tarot is believed to be a symbolic map of consciousness that encompasses an individual’s journey through life both spiritually and practically.

Tarot card reading is the practice of finding guidance through a specific layout of Tarot cards.

The cards provide insight into the innermost truths of an individual’s higher self and can provide a more evolved awareness of what someone already knows within.

At Bliss, our in-house Tarot Card Reader, Erlangga, will guide you through a journey of spiritual discovery as he seeks to unlock your intuitive inner wisdom and venture into your subconscious.

As an experienced reader, Erlangga will give you the tools you need to discover how to make the positive changes in life to create your ideal future and achieve your goals.

We have spent many hours selecting the best readers who fit in with the Bliss values of openness, honesty, positivity and love. Each reader we use understands your need to feel safe and are all highly skilled in what they do.

Tarot card reading with Erlangga at Bliss Bali retreat

Here we talk to our in-house reader Erlangga:

What exactly is Tarot?

What exactly is Tarot? Now that’s an interesting question. They are a kind of tool that we can use to channel emotions and perhaps use to help reflect on ourselves. We say it’s like a mirror, it tries to see and track our developments. It’s also related to how well our energy influences our movement and therefore has the potential to help us connect with ourselves and find self-purpose.

How did your path lead you to Bali and Bliss?

It all began with my own self journey where I was trying to discover ‘a thank you’ for the inner-self, and this is what led my heart into arriving here in Bali. I’ve also taken a real interest in studying more spiritual things in life which is how I ended up reading Tarot cards.

How long have you worked at Bliss?

I started back in 2014 so I’ve been here over 5 years now.

What do you love most about working at Bliss?

By working at Bliss, I get the opportunity to really develop my own self purpose. I’m able to study things that are related with the lifecycle as well as more of a spiritual understanding. At Bliss, I can connect with myself and in doing so, I have rediscovered that I love doing things for the greater good.

How does Tarot apply to our everyday lives?

Tarot can help you in major ways. You could start to gain insight, or what we call development strategies and tactics, to either overcome current situations or find alternative routes in life. It helps us to minimalize the overthinking process by producing what we call a ‘self-mirror’ allowing people to reflect on their inner self.

What kind of common themes come up in your readings with the ladies at Bliss?

The Tarots mostly look into their romances, career progression and how well they are able to develop their own inner self. Readers need to have strong empathy along with a sympathetic nature in order to access the deeper self-conscious realms. We try to help them redevelop their own understanding of themselves in order to overcome those current obstacles.

Tarot card reading with Erlangga at Bliss Bali retreatErlangga Bliss Bali healer tarot card readerTarot card reading at Bliss Bali retreat
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